Jeremy Sarnecky

Candidate for San Bruno City Council

My name is Jeremy Sarnecky, and I am a 26-year-old lifelong resident of San Bruno running for City Council to reinvigorate the power of democracy in our daily lives and to bring young people into the political process.

A central pillar of my campaign will be to rally the participation of every person of voting age in delivering Donald J. Trump a historic electoral defeat this November in order to preserve the ideals and sustainable future of San Bruno and the nation as a whole.

As a city council member, I will be a strong advocate of aggressive and necessary zoning reforms which address a housing crisis that has reached ridiculous proportions. Furthermore, as the son of a public school teacher and the product of San Bruno Park schools, I am appalled to see the sale of invaluable public land. Such actions threaten the opportunity to a quality public education for every San Bruno family.

Climate change is no longer an inconvenient truth but an unavoidable fact. I will seek to implement green energy initiatives that improve building energy-efficiency, among other projects.

My desire to pursue an occupation as a microbiologist was largely based on improving human health and wellbeing, and yet it is the larger issues currently affecting society that have brought
me to pursue public office.

Can I rely on your vote this Tuesday, November 3rd 2020?