When it became clear to me that the only way I could enact the change I wanted to see in San Bruno was by running for the office of City Council member, it was equally clear that I had to seek the support of Rhonda Collins, a lifelong family friend but more importantly an amazing community member who has served as the PTA president at Rollingwood Elementary. Here I am with my brother Jake and her son Xeryus on the way to get the 20 nomination signatures needed to appear on the November ballot.
And who did we run into along the way? None other than current Council member Marty Medina. Here I am showing him a good ol’ fashioned aseptic first bump I learned during my time studying microbiology at Colorado State.
I can understand why so many young people refuse to participate in politics – when they think about politics they think about waiting in line at the DMV for 2 hours, or worse, they see money-hungry politicians looking for their next payday (see U.S. 101 Express Lane Project). Unfortunately, bureaucracy and paperwork is the nature of the beast. Electing honest politicians however should never be too much to ask. Here I am getting my nomination documents notarized.
From day one I knew there wasn’t any use in running for City Council if we couldn’t bring real leadership to our national politics – and that meant electing Joe Biden for President. Here I am with the sign I built to do just that.
“If you build it, they will come.” I was more than encouraged to see than on only my second weekend out I attracted old high school friend Savannah Kotoff and two random bystanders, brothers Reno (left) and Tony (right). I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them about what changes I’d like to bring to San Bruno, along with hearing about their own political takes (including, yes, shutting down the government).
Even Adriana Shea, candidate for San Bruno School Board, came out to say hi. I was delighted to hear she also felt strongly about the District getting short-changed by a Board largely committed to liquidating school property in a non-competitive bidding process. ( I think I need a bigger sign…)
I had a great time walking the Crestmoor Canyon trail with fellow candidate Stephen Seymour while discussing the principles of good governance along the way.
I am running with a completely different directive and vision for the city of San Bruno and that of city government in general.
I am the candidate for those who want to ask more of their elected leaders, that should be not only cognizant of the larger issues facing our nation, but should be directly involved in ways to address them.
I am the candidate for anyone who believes that a concrete framework for transitioning to 100% renewable energy must outlined in the next General Plan.
And I would be honored to have your vote this November 3rd.