Democracy in Action

Do you believe in Democracy? Democracy – the radical notion that anyone with enduring vision, courage of conviction, and the best solutions to the issues at hand deserves to have their voice heard, and if possible, to be elevated to a position of authority directly responsible for confronting the challenges we as a community are faced with.

I’m not running for public office for any other reason than because I believe my upbringing and experiences as a lifelong resident of San Bruno provides me with a clear advantage in being able to balance the various competing interests that will determine our future.

Furthermore, my education, which derives from my natural inclination to study a subject thoroughly before making a decision, marks me as an individual able to comprehend complicated issues in detail.

We cannot allow our democracy to become solely a periodic act of voter turnout following months of partisan donation-begging, we must resolutely agree that it is our shared responsibility and civic duty as Americans to build bottom-up, community-driven decisions that serve to promote the greater good.